Another happy customer!

November 2020

Mama Vuyo struggles to get groceries, especially now that she is in her 80s. Her and her husband no longer want to travel to pick up their groceries and medicines. Instead, with ‘Yethu, their sons and daughters can order everything they need and have our trusty driver deliver packages to their door as and when they need them. This gives mama convenience, and her children peace of mind, knowing their parents are taken care of.

What do taxi drivers think of ‘Yethu?

October 2020

We speak to the community on a daily basis. Today we asked some taxi drivers if they would like to see ‘Yethu in their area? Bafana gives us his thoughts.

The ‘Yethu team in Soweto!

October 2020

Team ‘Yethu love to meet our customers, partners and drivers. We travel the country to join our drivers on their deliveries, talk to new customers at malls and taxi ranks, and
Our ‘Yethu app is simple, and means that with the tap of a cell phone, you can order your essential goods to be delivered to your door.

Download the ‘Yethu app, place your order, select your preferred payment method, and that’s it. Within a day, you will receive your goods. No heavy lifting, no waiting for taxis, no long journeys. Just convenience that saves you time and money.

Track your driver in real time, have the goods delivered to your door, or fetch from your nearest spaza shop if you are ot home. All for a flat fee of R30.

Download, order, track, receive. Happy days. surprise our customers with prizes. We are coming to your local taxi rank, mall and spaza shop soon! Tell us where to find you!

Business Day Empowerment magazine features ‘Yethu

September 2020

Super excited to see ‘Yethu and our founder Vuyo Radebe featured in Business Day Empowerment magazine. Learn more about Yethu Africa and how we are changing communities with deliveries into the underserved townships of Africa, utilising the biggest fleet in the country.

‘Yethu is a family business. Built for us, by us

November 2020

We are all hands on deck and passionate about the impact our business will have on the communities we live in. And, why else do our family love being part of ‘Yethu?

Listen to us on Smile FM

September 2020

Listen to Yethu’s founder, Vuyo Radebe, speaking on SmileFM about the launch of Yethu, the most innovative delivery app, and what Yethu will mean for the townships and taxi industry.

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The ‘Yethu team donating much needed food to the homeless

August 2020

With times even tougher than usual, ‘Yethu are committed to making a difference to our community. In 2021, we plan to roll our many initiatives to improve the lives of those that need it most. On a recent delivery trip, our team donated some food hampers to those in need. Well done Team ‘Yethu!

‘Yethu featured in IOL news

August 2020

Thanks for featuring our new app. Yethu, the delivery app that uses your minibus taxi to get groceries to your door.

We are helping our struggling taxi drivers earn additional income

July 2020

Are you a taxi driver looking to make extra cash?? Drive with ‘Yethu and make money while you wait for peak time.

‘Yethu creates an opportunity for you to make money when you do not have passengers and you are “binding”. You will be able to make extra money by using ‘Yethu to pick up and deliver goods to ‘Yethu customer just by downloading the app, registering and accepting delivery requests.

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